Anderson Aerospace Staff

Richard AndersonRichard Anderson, President and CEO

Rick has over 30 years experience in operations, program management, and engineering. He was co-founder of AeroSat Corporation holding a seat on its board of directors from 1997 to 2003 and worked as GM, CFO, and VP of Operations. Having worked at Cleveland Pneumatic Company, Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors, DEKA Research & Development, and Goodrich Aerospace gives Rick a wide background in advanced embedded management techniques.
Matthew FlanneryMatthew Flannery, CTO
Matt has over 20 years experience in aerospace and industrial design specializing in 3d design and analysis with an extensive background in design for manufacturing. Matt has consulted with Delphi Packard Electric Systems, G.E., Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors, John Deere, Kinetico, Van Dorn Demag, and General Motors. He holds 2 patents for antenna communication systems.
Jon Mende, CMO
Jon has nearly 20 years experience in the private aviation industry. He was  Vice President of Aircraft Acquisition for Delta Private Jets and has extensive relationships in the industry including Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Duncan Aviation, Constant Aviation.
Elaine Penta RamponeElaine Penta Rampone, Vice President Sales and Quality
Elaine is the owner and Chief Executive Manager of RAMP Enterprises, LLC and has over 20 years experience in project engineering and quality assurance management. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of New Haven.
Robert DmytrykRobert Dmytryk, Operations Manager
Bob has over 30 years experience in product design, packaging, integration, and management. For the last 6 years has been the Operation Manager for Aerosat Ohio Division. Bob’s background in the nuclear detector industry gives him a keen insight into the application and maintenance of specifications and requirements as well as government regulatory issues and their application. Bob has held positions with Themro Electron, Bicron Corp., and Victoreen Instrument Company and has a BS in Industrial Product Design from The Ohio State University.
Nicole Vives, Vice President of Finance
Nicole has broad experience in the investment management and financial services industries. She previously held positions at SAC Capital, a multi billion dollar hedge fund, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Nicole also has entrepreneurial experience as a co-founder of Cinematcher, a mobile application designed to streamline the hiring process in the media production industry, and as co-owner of Procured For Flight, an aviation procurement company. Nicole is currently finishing her MBA at Georgetown University.